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Masamori Sumimura is restrained by vines and surrounded by moss copies of Yumeji Hisaomi. Yumeji asks why Masamori is trying to take his side. Masamori says he wants to stop the Commander, and understands their rivalry, being a brother himself. Yumeji invites Masamori to list his conditions for controlling the situation. Masamori says he wants to participate in reforming the Shadow Organization into a more respectable place, and create his own role from nothing. To do this, he needs Yumeji's power, and he invites Yumeji to state his true motives. Yumeji says he has no intention to make peace with his brother, and in fact intends to kill him, but that Masamori would make a good middleman in their fight. Yumeji reveals that the Commander seems to like Masamori, as he was the one who recommended Masamori as an executive. Also, Tokimori Hazama contributed his powers to form the Shadow Organization 400 years ago, and the Commander seemed to like him as well. Yumeji suspects that Masamori resembles Hazama in a way. Yumeji says if Masamori can lure the Commander out, he might agree to work together with Masamori. Masamori agrees to try, and Yumeji dispels the clones, thought admits he still doesn't fully trust Masamori.

Zero is sure Tsukihisa has noticed the fire by now and decides to withdraw. However, he notices that Tsukihisa's true power is not there.

Yumeji restrains Masamori with more vines, and black starfish emerge from his body and begin to approach Masamori. Masamori wants to be on equal ground, and asks what the Commander's ability is, since there should be some similarity between blood relatives. As the starfish reach Masamori, he senses something, but is unable to see them. Yumeji tries to overwhelm Masamori with a giant starfish, but Masamori senses it activates his Zekkai, destroying the starfish. Masamori recognizes the feeling as the same kind he gets from Kei Sazanami, and guesses that it was a psychic attack. He comes to the conclusion that Yumeji has two powers.


Volume 28
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