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Zero admits he underestimated Karasumori's defenders.

Kouya asks if he will be allowed to kill Yumeji Hisaomi, but Masamori Sumimura wants Yumeji to be held responsible for all of his crimes. Kouya suspects Yumeji is manipulating the scenery in order to lead them in circles, and cuts down the path with his tail. The forest begins to attack them, and Masamori uses his Zekkai so that Kouya won't have to protect him. Kouya is pricked by a poisionous plant, and notes that the atmosphere itself is changing. Masamori decides to go on with Kurohime and asks Kouya to wait for him. Kouya reluctantly agrees, but warns him it may be a trap. Masamori creates a Kekkai in the sky for Kouya to stand on. The forest suddenly forms a giant dome, blocking out the sky. Masamori tries to convince Yumeji to listen to him. Kouya suddenly smells and sees fire at the forest's edge.

Zero appears and confirms that the Commander's men started the fire, and are willing to destroy the mountain to get Tsukihisa. Zero claims he cannot ignore his friend's wish.

Masamori says he doesn't intend to fight Yumeji, and insists that Yumeji is the only one who can defeat the Commander. Yumeji appears, and Masamori says they can put the Karasumori attack aside, and asks if they can work together.


Volume 28
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