Characters (in order of appearance)


Kakeru is furious that someone was able to stop the gear.

Zero and Masamori Sumimura watch the battle through a portal in the sky. Masamori abruptly tells Kouya to search for Yumeji Hisaomi. Zero points out that the battle isn't over, but Masamori is confident Yoshimori will handle things. Masamori and Kouya leave to begin their search.

Fumiya Somegi completes his preparations and activates his counterspell. The white dragon awakens and shoots into the sky. Other dragons emerge from each of the power sources, and begin devouring the gear. Shiguma tells Yoshimori his Kekkai are no longer needed, so Yoshimori dispels them.

Kakeru tries to come up with a plan to fix the gear, but Michiru tells her it is hopeless. Soon the gear is completely shattered.


Volume 28
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