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Ichigou tries to break Yoshimori's Kekkai by filling it with his giants, but fails. Nigou also continues to struggle, but only manages to tear off one of his wings. Sen Kagemiya is stunned by the power of the Kekkai. Shiguma explains that it isn't an increase in power, but that the impurities in the technique have been removed, resulting in Yoshimori's true power. However, there is still room for improvement.

Fumiya Somegi meets with Tokiko Yukimura to discuss their strategy. Tokiko has placed several Kekkai around the gear in the hopes of keeping it from turning, though she is unsure of their success if the gear begins to turn. Fumiya says he will break the spell in the next five minutes.

Kakeru says that she desired more power so that no one could ever throw her away again. Though she admits she is fine as long as she has Michiru at her side, she still wishes to exact revenge against Karasumori's defenders for destroying Michiru's spell placed on the grounds. She refuses to allow anyone else to be the strongest spellcaster, and even if the operation fails, she wants to destroy the land. Michiru tries to stop her, but Kakeru sets the gear into motion.

As Takemitsu runs to his designated spot, he runs into a drunken civilian. He gives the man an anti-spell pole and tells him to move away.

The gear breaks through Tokiko's Kekkai. Tokiko tries to buy Fumiya some time to activate his spell, but her Kekkai cannot stand up to the gear's force. However, Yoshimori creates several Kekkai able to hold the gear in place. Yoshimori tells Sen to go help the Sorcery Unit.


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