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Sen Kagemiya panicks as the situation in Karasumori worsens. However, Yoshimori is focused and doesn't respond. Nigou continues to attack Souji Hiura, while Ichigou observes the progress of Michiru and Kakeru, deciding to stand guard. He begins to fill the schoolyard with copies of his giant.

Fumiya Somegi asks Ito Orihara to serve as a power source for his counterspell. Shu Akitsu returns to take her to her designated spot.

Ichigou uses his giants to create a ceiling over the school, effectively trapping Karasumori's defenders inside.

Sen tries to get Yoshimori to respond, but suddenly hears an umfamiliar voice telling him not to interrupt. Yoshimori enters the blank state and successfully summons his landlord, which initially takes the shape of a striped cube. As it shifts to a winged, four-legged creature, Yoshimori names it Shiguma. Sen and Tokine are stunned by Shiguma's odd appearance. Just as Nigou and Ichigou move to capture everyone, Yoshimori places Kekkai around them both, halting their movements. Shiguma determines that the giant is connected to Ichigou, so they only need to break the connection with the strongest Kekkai. Both Nigou and Ichigou prove unable to break or escape Yoshimori's Kekkai.


Volume 28
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