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As he confronts Zero, Masamori Sumimura recalls Yumeji Hisaomi's words about the Commander's puppet fighters with numbers instead of names. When the swords used in the attack suddenly vanish, Masamori suspects Zero is a Jiugenka user. Zero informs him that Yumeji's real name is Tsukihisa Oumi. Kouya arrives, and Masamori asks him to track Yumeji's scent. Kouya says Yumeji is still in the area.

After confirming Yumeji is still alive, Zero reveals a large number of Okuni's missing subordinates. Zero tells Masamori not to remain on the ground, since there are spells planted around the mansion that target outsiders. Instead, he invites Masamori to join him in the sky so he can explain the situation. Masamori demands to know if Zero killed Okuni, and Zero admits that he did, but adds that Masamori is not his target at the time. Once in the sky and free of the area's spells, Masamori is able to get cellphone reception, and realizes he has many emergency messages from his subordinates. A portal opens in the sky, revealing a view of the battle at Karasumori.

Masamori confirms this by checking his messages. Zero admits he was supposed to be there as well. Knowing Yumeji is in the area, Zero announces that he has a message from the Commander: he took only Souji Hiura and Zero when he left the castle, and scattered his chess pieces, knowing Tsukihisa would be jealous of his power and desire everything he had.

Michiru tells Kakeru that even if she does not care about Shinyuuchi hunting, they are still under orders. Kakeru says she cannot forgive the one who abandoned them, but that she hates the one who betrayed his brother even more.

Zero says that in order to take revenge on Tsukihisa, the Commander is willing to accept any punishment. He names Tsukihisa as being responsible for the Shinyuuchi hunts. He intends to prove how easily he can destroy Tsukihisa's plans. Zero tells Masamori that the intruders at Karasumori are Yumeji's men, and that Masamori was invited to Yumeji's home to keep him from interfering. The portal's view changes to show Yoshimori, who is focusing his power intently.


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