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Sen Kagemiya questions why Souji Hiura saved him. Souji says because he was told not to allow people around Yoshimori to be hurt. Sen begins yelling at him, insisting that this act won't change the fact that he is a traitor, but then realizes how badly Souji has been injured. Despite this, Souji insists on not acknowleding that he is hurt and defeating the enemy, because of his promises to Yoshimori.

Ichigou realizes that Nigou's bloodlust is the result of his mind being overtaken by his Ayakashi Majiri instincts, and gives him up as a lost cause. He decides to focus on other matters, figuring that if Souji is here, "that person" is likely there as well.

Yoshimori goes to check on Sen, who is frustrated because he is always around people who insist on fighting when they are hurt. Sen tells Yoshimori about Souji's injuries and determination to keep fighting, and begs Yoshimori to stop him.

Masamori Sumimura poses his final question to Yumeji Hisaomi. Okuni appears beside Masamori in spirit form. Okuni says that in her time researching immortality, she learned a great deal about Yumeji and his people. She wishes to confirm that Yumeji and his brother the Commander founded the Shadow Organization 400 years ago, and that now the Commander is trying to destroy it. Masamori adds that Yumeji seems to be in competition with the Commander, and says he can't be a part of it. Suddenly, many swords rain down on the building, destroying it. Masamori is protected by his Zekkai. Masamori recognizes the attacker from the photo he showed Yumeji. The attacker identifies himself as Zero.


Volume 27
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