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Kakeru begins to celebrate making contact with Karasumori's spirit world, but Michiru reveals that the connection has not been established yet, so something else is happening instead. The form of a white, sleeping dragon appears before them.

Fumiya Somegi is drained from his efforts to create the counterspell, but remains optimistic.

Michiru is hesitant to continue because of the dragon. Kakeru insists on starting the gear's rotation, but Michiru again disagrees with her. Kakeru becomes frustrated and admits she only participated in the Shinyuuchi hunts because Michiru asked her to.

Yoshimori Sumimura and Sen Kagemiya continue to dodge the attacks of Ichigou's giant. Yoshimori and Souji Hiura attempt a combo attack on Ichigou, but it fails. Sen questions the wisdom of that, since he still sees Souji as an enemy. Yoshimori insists that Souji isn't bad. Nigou's arms begin to regenerate, alarming Sen, who senses he will fully transform. Nigou takes to the air, bathing the ground in flames and targeting Souji. Souji is unable to avoid his blows due to Nigou's increased speed and power, but Tokine pierces one of his wings with a Kekkai to allow Souji to escape. Ichigou and Nigou change tactics, both targeting Sen, who has considerable trouble avoiding them. Sen is caught by Ichigo's giant and about to be crushed, but Souji saves him at the last moment, leaving Sen stunned.


Volume 27
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