Characters (in order of appearance)


Yumeji Hisaomi expresses his desire to reorganize the Shadow Organization, discarding the old values and using the strength of the new generation. Masamori Sumimura asks why the Commander desires so much power, when he had so much to begin with and threw it all away.

Ichigou does not accept the Commander's desire for revenge as an excuse for abandoning him. Yoshimori intervenes, freeing Souji Hiura to attack Ichigou again. Nigou intervenes in the battle, having captured Sen Kagemiya. Nigou allows his power to go to his head and begins to transform, growing talons on his feet. He easily evades Tokine's Kekkai until Souji sneaks behind him, cuts off his wings, and impales him through the back. Souji is about to kill Nigou when he remembers his promise to Yoshimori and looks to him in confusion. Ichigou uses the distraction to grab Nigou. Sen informs Yoshimori that Fumiya Somegi and their allies have gathered to neutralize Kakeru's spell.


Volume 27
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