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Yumeji Hisaomi confirms that Souji Hiura had disappeared, and his whereabouts were unknown, but Masamori Sumimura suspects that Souji was not the only one to go missing at the time.

Tokine reflects on Ichigou's words, and realizes that the invaders were abandoned by the Commander, and are hunting Karasumori for revenge, while Souji is still serving the Commander.

Souji says he doesn't know why the Commander abandoned the others, so Ichigou asks what he does know of the Commander's plans. Tokine attacks Ichigou, forcing him away from Souji. Tokine angrily points out to Yoshimori that Souji is on their side and tells him not to hesitate any longer.

Masamori asks Yumeji how the Commander's artificial army was created, specifically if they were brainwashed, and where they were collected from. Yumeji claims that another office took far more children and performed experiments on them. For the artificial army, their memories were erased, and their powers developed to the highest level, ideally before emotions could develop, allowing them to use their power without feeling. Yumeji suspects that Souji's training was incomplete, which is why he may feel some emotion. Masamori is disgusted, but Yumeji points out that certain things became necessary as the organization grew larger.

Michiru attempts to connect to Karasumori's spirit world via a young Boy Kekkaishi and the oddly-shaped Tenketsu.

Tokine explains to Yoshimori that they must defeat the fighters on the ground, and then stop the spellcasters. However, if the giant gear begins to move, only Yoshimori will have enough power to stop it. Yoshimori becomes determined to protect Souji from the person who gives him orders.

Ichigou asks Souji what the Commander said to him. Souji replies, "All is for the sake of revenge."

Nichinaga and Suigetsu watch the battle from their cabin via Okuni's portal technique.


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