Characters (in order of appearance)


Kakeru threatens to destroy the town if the Kekkaishi move against her, and delights in the thought of the destruction. Michiru urges Kakeru to complete their task, so she leaves Ichigou and Nigou to deal with the Kekkaishi, but insists they not be killed so they can watch. Tokine notices that Yoshimori seems worried and wonders why. Yoshimori is plagued with doubts about Souji Hiura, who then attacks Nigou. Ichigou interferes, but Souji is able to cut off Nigou's arm. Nigou becomes enraged even as he begins to regenerate. Ichigou reminds him that they weren't told to take Souji hostage, so it's okay to kill him. The extra arms from Ichigou's body form a one-eyed giant. Ichigou instructs Nigou to heal so he can deal with the Kekkaishi, and plans to handle Souji himself. As Ichigou attacks with his giant, Souji fights back without fear. Yoshimori pleads with him to stop because there are hostages, but Souji ignores him.

After examining the photo, Yumeji Hisaomi claims he doesn't recognize anyone in it. Masamori Sumimura doesn't believe this, since Souji is one of the people, and notes that he is currently at Karasumori. Yumeji is surprised by this, and says that Souji is part of an artificially created army that served the Commander directly. They originally didn't have names, only numbers.

Ichigou eventually overwhelms and pins down Souji. Ichigou asks why the Commander chose Souji, and abandoned everyone else.


Volume 27
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