Characters (in order of appearance)


Yumeji Hisaomi confirms that there were two female prodigy spellcasters working with the Commander.

As the giant gear continues to form over the town, Fumiya Somegi tells Sen Kagemiya to disrupt the spellcaster's power source. Sen attempts to find the power source with his tracking ability. Nigou continues to block all attacks aimed at Kakeru. Tokine suggests that Yoshimori use the blank state to increase the strength of his Kekkai. Souji Hiura continues to fight Ichigou, who reveals an ability to grow numerous arms from his body. Nigou surrounds Kakeru in flames to protect her. Yoshimori is greatly distracted and cannot summon the blank state.

Makio's foot is caught in the edge of the floating school ground, and he cannot free himself.

Fumiya and Ito Orihara run into Tokiko Yukimura and Shigemori Sumimura on the way to Karasumori. Sen calls Fumiya to tell him that the only power source is coming from Kakeru. Fumiya is shocked by the idea that one person could have enough power to cast the gear spell.

Kakeru finally finishes forming the gear spell. She announces that once the gear begins to turn, even she will be unable to stop it.

Masamori shows Yumeji a photo taken of the sky on the night that Okuni was killed. In the photo, a group of people are escaping on a flying demon. Masamori asks if anyone in the photo looks like anyone that was close to the Commander.


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