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Sen Kagemiya describes over the phone to Fumiya Somegi what Kakeru's spell just did. Fumiya is shocked because it shouldn't be possible for a single person to control a spell of that size.

Ichigou and Souji Hiura continue to fight, with Ichigou eventually able to shatter Souji's blade aura. Fumiya instructs Sen that the spellcaster should be at her weakest while using the spell, so that is the best time to attack. Sen passes the message to Yoshimori. Yoshimori and Tokine immediately aim for Kakeru, but their Kekkai are consumed by a feather that explodes into flames. Kakeru is joined by Nigou, an Ayakashi Majiri.

Masamori Sumimura is abruptly invited to meet with Yumeji Hisaomi, who suggests that they limit the number of executives and get rid of the rest. He hopes Masamori will assist him in this. Masamori reminds Yumeji that they last met to discuss the Commander being involved in the recent incidents, and has three things he wants to confirm, or else he will withdraw his cooperation. Yumeji agrees. Masamori says that Fumiya recognized the mark that the intruders placed on Karasumori as being a modified version of one he'd seen ten years ago in a book in the Shadow Organization's Records Office. Masamori checked before the office was burned down, but the book was not there. If lost or erased, there would be a note of it, and according to Okuni, the highest ranked person in the Records Office would have addressed the matter. Masamori suspects the Commander had the book eliminated. A 15 year-old girl supposedly created the spell design and was a genius at spellcasting, though her whereabouts are currently unknown. Masamori asks Yumeji if this girl is no longer with the Commander.


Volume 27
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