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At Karasumori, Sen Kagemiya is worried because Yoshimori seems to be suffering and won't talk to him. Shu Akitsu suggests it may be hard for Yoshimori to relax in such a troubled place. Sen feels this is exactly why Yoshimori should have gotten rid of Souji Hiura.

Noticing Yoshimori seems extremely focused, Tokine asks if he is focusing too much on the blank state, though she does not really understand it. Yoshimori does not respond.

Three clowns suddenly appear around the school. Yoshimori is ready to attack at once, but Tokine insists that the clowns haven't done anything yet. The clowns perform a magic show in which one is brutally cut into pieces with a sword, but the remaining two cover the body with a sheet and make it vanish. The third clown reappears behind the Kekkaishi, fully restored. Madarao says the other two clowns are only puppets, but the third clown is real. The third clown makes the other two explode, just as a giant, dark ring appears in the sky.

Sen calls Fumiya Somegi who is already on his way with Ito Orihara, to report the situation.

The clown uses a sheet to make the majority of the school vanish and reappear below the ring in the sky overhead. The clown sheds its disguise to reveal Kakeru, who intends to show the Kekkaishi the difference in their powers.


Volume 26
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