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Yoshimori continues his training, but Shimano senses something is wrong, and is worried by how hard he's trying.

In a phone call to Masamori Sumimura, Sen Kagemiya is concerned that Yoshimori will not discuss the details of his promise with Souji Hiura. Sen is especially worried over how Yoshimori will react when Souji is publicly named as Okuni's murderer. Masamori instructs him to leave decisions concerning Karasumori in Yoshimori's hands. Based on what Sen has recently observed, he now has a theory that Karasumori is sentient, and Legitimate Successors are those people it finds the most interesting. According to Yoshimori, Karasumori likes strong-willed Ayakashi as well. Sen suggests that Gen Shishio was favored as well, and concludes that Karasumori likes people who are unpredictable and have great potential. Sen is worried that Yoshimori seems to be the sole person capable of controlling Karasumori, and fears what might happened if it is ever attacked. Masamori is glad he sent Sen to analyze the situation, and compliments his skills.

Hakota's Mother leaves Night Troop Karasumori Branch for her own safety, though Hakota has a panic attack shortly after. Fumiya Somegi and Ito Orihara from the Sorcery Unit arrive, having been transferred to help defend Karasumori from future attacks.

Nichinaga Oumi is pleased with the progress of his plans.

Yumeji Hisaomi gathers details on the destruction of the Shadow Organization's Research Center. He loses his temper at the thought of Nichinaga's recent victories.

A demon alerts Souji Hiura that Karasumori will be attacked the following night.


Volume 26
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