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In a flashback, Suigetsu teaches Souji Hiura how to write his name. This confuses him, because he has always been known as "Number 3". Suigetsu says this is not a name, and that he'll need one when he eventually leaves. She urges him to treasure his name, because it belongs to him, and he owns nothing else.

Yoshimori confronts Souji and demands to know if he killed Okuni. Souji cannot answer him. Yoshimori notices Souji has been using a regular pencil to write, and tells him how Namihira just brought back the pencil that Souji dropped. Yoshimori becomes frustrated, trying to explain why Souji can't do such things, even though he knows Souji simply obeys orders. Souji feels extremely guilty and apologizes, but only for having lost the pencil that Yoshimori gave him. Yoshimori runs off, unable to stand it any longer.

Sen Kagemiya notices Yoshimori is restless, and they discuss Souji. Yoshimori wants to find a way to make Souji understand between right and wrong, and thinks he isn't a bad person. Sen, convinced that he was right about Souji all along, tells Yoshimori to forget about it and focus on his priorities. He points out that Karasumori is depending on Yoshimori, and that he shouldn't keep someone he can't trust at his side. Yoshimori thanks him for the advice and says he'll handle it.

Yoshimori asks Souji if he feels anything after committing a terrible act. Souji says no. Yoshimori asks Souji to promise that next time Souji gets an order to kill someone, he will first kill Yoshimori, who will stop him. Souji hesitantly agrees.


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