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Makio tells Sen Kagemiya and Shu Akitsu that the Night Troop is temporarily downsizing, and that weaker members will go into hiding to avoid the current plot to destroy the Shadow Organization. Masamori Sumimura has been targeted by several assassins, though he believes a different group (other than the one targeting the other executives) is responsible. Makio invites Sen and Shu to decide whether they will stay or go.

Masamori visits Yumeji Hisaomi's home, accompanied by a bodyguard. The doorman notices at once that Masamori's companion isn't human, but Masamori says the same is true of the doorman, and promises he alone will be the one to speak to Yumeji. Yumeji admits that Masamori is the first executive to approach him. Masamori agrees that they should protect the Shadow Organization. They discuss the commander, and Masamori asks if he could be involved in the recent incidents.

After leaving, Masamori feels that Yumeji knows something, but doesn't consider Masamori a threat. His bodyguard says most of the people in Yumeji's home were Ayakashi, though a few smelt like humans. The bodyguard is sure that Yumeji smelt like an ability user, and that the entire house had a "green" smell. Masamori concludes that Yumeji has the power to manipulate plants. The bodyguard then reverts to his true form: Kouya, who has been revived and now has a contract with Masamori. In exchange for Masamori undoing Tokimori Hazama's seal and returning Kouya to his mountain home, Kouya will serve Masamori. However, if Masamori does not keep his promise, Kouya will be free to kill Masamori.

Yoshimori tells Shimano that while in the blank state, he has begun to see what form his landlord should take. Shimano warns him not to overuse the blank state, because it will separate him from his heart, which the landlord protects against. Yoshimori says that looking at Shimano gives him a clearer idea, and before Shimano can stop him, a shape begins to form behind Yoshimori, which shocks Shimano.

The next day, Yoshimori rushes home from school. He has only managed to summon his landlord's shadow, but is determined to sort out the details today. He encounters one of okuni's hooded subordinates, who raises his hood to show that he is Namihira. He is investigating Okuni's murder, and shows Yoshimori a burned mechanical pencil, asking if belong to him. Namihira explains he can search into the memories of an object, and saw Yoshimori's face. Namihira believes the pencil was dropped by Okuni's killer, though he knows Yoshimori was at Karasumori at the time. Yoshimori is stunned, because he realizes it is the same pencil he gave to Souji Hiura.


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