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At a meeting of the Council of Twelve, rebuilding the Management Office is discussed. In order to suppress the current chaous, Yumeji Hisaomi decides to temporarily take authority over all aspects of the Shadow Organization. He adds that he has the commander's approval, and invites anyone who has a problem to come to him directly. One executive challenges him to do something about Masamori, who is still suspected in Konozuka Kihei's death, but Executive 4 mentions a rumor that someone in the Ougi Clan is the killer. Executive 12 suggests confronting the clan itself, but Executive 3 says that would be foolish: an Ougi would leave no evidence behind, and their successor is one of the strongest in history.

Tokine remains extremely suspicious of Shichirou Ougi, who appears friendly and carefree. Sen Kagemiya sees them and is stunned that Tokine would involve herself with such a dangerous person. Recalling Makio's order not to upset Yoshimori, Sen tries to call Shu Akitsu, but he is shopping with Shizue Yukimura. Shichirou is impressed that the Kekkaishi fixed the school so quickly, but calls that power excessive. Tokine says it is a necessary power. Shichirou says that he doesn't think something like Karasumori should exist, as his power came with a pre-chosen fate. Tokine asks if it was fate that he killed his own brother, but Shichirou prefers not to comment. Tokine asks him if he will be involved in things that will happen to Karasumori. Shichirou asks her which side is better. Just then, Sen marches in and practically drags Tokine out over her protests, determined to remove her from danger. Shichirou flies away, passing Yoshimori on the way, who mistakes him for a big bird.

Shichirou calls Nichinaga Oumi and asks to be included in the attack on Karasumori.


Volume 26
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