Characters (in order of appearance)


Shichirou Ougi apologizes for the trouble that Rokurou Ougi caused during his vist and introduces himself. Souji Hiura suddenly appears, ready to attack. Upon overhearing Shichirou's identity, Sen Kagemiya freaks out and tells Shu Akitsu to call for backup. Yoshimori demands to know why Shichirou has come, and Shichirou replies he was interested in Karasumori. Yoshimori tells him to leave, because people interested in Karasumori always have bad intentions. Shichirou says he is unimpressed with Yoshimori, and that it was the same when he met Masamori Sumimura, adding that he may be destroyed soon. Yoshimori takes this as a threat and prepares to attack, but Sen warns him not to because Shichirou is too dangerous. Shichirou silences Sen with a gust of wind, then flies into the air, easily avoiding the Kekkaishi's attacks with his speed. Yoshimori enters the blank state and captures Shichirou in a Kekkai. Shichirou notes the increase in Yoshimori's accuracy and power, but just before Yoshimori can collapse the Kekkai, Shichirou slices through it, slashing through the entire school in the process. Yoshimori again demands that Shichirou leave. Shichirou asks if he has ever felt the limits of his power, and Yoshimori says he hasn't. Shichirou seems pleased to have finally found some common ground with Yoshimori, and leaves.

The following day, Shichirou is waiting for Tokine as she leaves school. She confronts him, and he invites her to a nearby cafe, where he playfully apologizes for destroying the school, much to her disbelief.


Volume 26
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