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The Shadow Organization's Management Office, which is disguised as a normal company office, is suddenly destroyed in broad daylight. Nichinaga Oumi compliments Shichirou Ougi on the job, and they discuss his progress with the assassinations. Shichirou requests a break so he can attend classes at school, for the sake of his public image. Suigetsu reports that the preparations for the Karasumori attack are almost done. She asks if she can rest until then. Nichinaga swears he will destroy everything and that his heart cannot be swayed.

In a flashback, Makio instructs Sen Kagemiya and Shu Akitsu not to disrupt Yoshimori's training. Specifically, he asks Sen not to speak of his suspicions about Souji Hiura. Sen insists that Souji was involved in Okuni's murder and that he has already told Yoshimori this, but admits that Yoshimori didn't seem worried about it.

Yoshimori has been doodling ideas for his landlord's form, and shows them first to Sen (who reluctantly selects one to spare Yoshimori's feelings), and then to Shimano, who is entirely unimpressed.

Yoshimori discusses his failure with Tokine, who is completely in the dark concerning his training. However, she mentions it is entirely different from her own training. Shichirou Ougi suddenly descends from the sky. Instantly recalling Saki's prophecy, Sen assumes the god of calamity has finally arrived. Shichirou offers the Kekkaishi a smile as he reaches them.


Volume 26
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