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Now that Yoshimori has mastered the transition into the blank state, Shimano announces that it is time for the final stage. The blank state's perfect form will enable Yoshimori to use purified power without influence from emotion, allowing him to use what Shimano calls his true strength. This technique will remove his usual human limitations. Shimano explains that there are three steps in Yoshimori's training: entering the blank state, maintaining it, and then calling forth a landlord. A landlord is a type of clone that will control the user's power, serving as a vital partner in battle. Shimano warns that the landlord's form cannot be altered once created, so it must be chosen carefully.

Kakeru practices a Shinyuuchi hunting spell she intends to use on Karasumori. Michiru urges to focus only on getting the job done, but Kakeru wants to prove their worth by overpowering Karasumori's defenders.

Shimano tells Shigemori Sumimura of Yoshimori's progress and urges him to ensure that Yoshimori remains focused. While Shimano is unsure if Yoshimori will succeed in time, he notes that Yoshimori has already surpassed Shigemori in some areas.

Mikeno tells Tokiko Yukimura to send Tokine to her for training. Tokiko is alarmed by the suddenness of the request, but as Shimano tells Shigemori, they have been waiting 400 years for a person like Yoshimori to become Karasumori's partner.


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