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Suigetsu and her master discuss the burning of the Records Office, where she used to work. Her master is amused that she has distanced herself from things that should concern her, such as Okuni's death and the stolen Shinyuuchi.

Yoshimori tells Shimano about the Shadow Organization executives being killed. Shimano tells him to focus and not allow his heart to be swayed. Determined to protect Karasumori, Yoshimori then displays a perfect transition into the blank state, much to Shimano's shock.

With the death of Konozuka Kihei, Miki Hatori is convinced that Shadow Organization executives are being targeted. She tells Masamori Sumimura that Yashiro spoke of destroying the past. She suspects that the attacks on the Shadow Organization and the Shinyuuchi huntings are being carried out by the same group, and Masamori agrees. Masamori admits he was also considering targeting the other executives, though he cannot agree with all of the responsible group's ideals. He adds that with the dismantling of Serpent's Eye, the group is seeking to destroy both the past and the future. Masamori is determined to alter the current course of events. Hatori is concerned about him fighting people who are able to kill the executives. Masamori tells her that according to Kei Sazanami, dissolving Serpent's Eye had to involve some of the Shadow Organization's most influential people.

Suigetsu's master decides to destroy the Management Office next. Suigetsu is concerned because several potential clan heirs work there, but her master is unconcerned with such politics now. He is conviced that since he created the organization, there is nothing wrong with him destroying it. He tells her that she will be the last person he kills. Suigetsu's master is revealed to be Nichinaga Oumi, the Shadow Organization commander.


Volume 26
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