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Saki apologizes for her last visit, explaining that she was a member of the secret prophetic group Serpent's Eye, which predicted the future concerning the Shadow Organization. Their leader Nozomi tasked Saki with secretly visiting the country's Shinyuuchi, in hopes of avoiding a cruel future. However, when Saki returned, she found that Nozomi had committed suicide, and a new leader was to be selected. Because of the leader's importance, they were forbidden to leave the group, and Saki realized Nozomi had entrusted the task to her because she, more than the other members, desired to see the outside world and often snuck away to do so. However, if Saki were chosen to be the next leader, her ability to move would be taken from her. Saki left the group, which was dissolved shortly after because their prophecies were leaked. Makio confirms Saki's worry, announcing that two executives have recently been killed. Saki warns everyone of an incident that will involve Karasumori, though she can provide no further details. She promises to seclude herself, continue her predictions, and send word if she learns anything.

As Saki prepares to leave, Sen Kagemiya confronts her alone about the image of Karasumori's destruction he saw in her mind, though he pretends it was someone else with telepathic abilities who did so. Saki urges him to tell that person never to do that again, because premonitions shorten a person's life. Saki is resigned to the danger this poses for her because it is her mission to grant her master's dying wish. Saki says she believes Yoshimori will be the key to Karasumori's future. Saki refers to the last prophecy she gave, saying she thinks the 'god of calamity' who will descend will be of great influence. This confuses Sen, who had thought the god was the Hidagou Lord.

Masamori Sumimura calls Kei Sazanami for information. Sazanami has nothing on Konozuka Kihei, but believes the Ougi Clan was hired to kill Ichirou Ougi, and that the order was passed from the clan head to Shichirou Ougi.

Having just killed Konozuka Kihei, Shichirou reports his success by phone to his client.


Volume 26
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