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While the Shadow Organizations's Records Office goes up in flames, one of Okuni's subordinates finds her murdered in her chambers.

At the Sumimura Home the following morning, Yoshimori kicks Souji Hiura awake and asks where he went the previous night. Souji says he was told not to say anything, which Yoshimori was expecting.

At a meeting of the Council of Twelve, the head executive reports the burning of the Records Office, which resulted in the loss of many records, and the murder of Okuni. Masamori reluctantly reports that Ichirou Ougi was killed by another man. However, Konozuka Kihei suggests that Masamori was the killer, that he may even be responsible for Okuni's death, and could be plotting to destroy the entire council. Though Masamori angrily denies this, his outburst only casts more doubt on him in the eyes of the rest of the council.

Sen Kagemiya calls Kei Sazanami to confirm his suspicion of Souji Hiura being Okuni's killer. Sazanami says he can't confirm that, since Okuni's subordinates are shutting out all outsiders, but eventually admits what he does know: that Ichirou was killed by his youngest brother, Shichirou Ougi, the next Ougi clan head. Sazanami says that Shichirou is such a powerful opponent that he has nothing to fear from anyone, and they should be careful about engaging him. Sazanami also says that Serpent's Eye, the prophetic group related to the Shadow Organization, has suffered a major leak and been dismantled.

The psychic Saki unexpectedly returns to Karasumori, bringing news about the cruel future of the Shadow Organization.


Volume 25
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