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Yoshimori is distracted by Masamori's odd behavior, to the point where he is distracted during his blank state training. He shares this with Shimano, who is confused since it sounds like Yoshimori finally has Masamori's approval. Yoshimori insists that it is something else. Shimano says that Masamori understands the situation, because Karasumori depends on Yoshimori succeeding with the training.

The Night Troop gathers near a temple owned by a distant relative of the Ougi Clan. According to Okuni's information, Ichirou Ougi is hiding there. Masamori discusses the strategy with his subordinates.

Souji Hiura's earring buzzes, and he leaves the Sumimura Home, unaware that Sen Kagemiya has spotted him.

After observing the temple, Hakota gives Yukimasa a list of where all the guards are located. Hakota is worried Ichirou's power, and Yukimasa assures him they will avenge their fallen comrades.

Masamori and a small group go to the temple's front entrance. Finding a barrier there, Masamori forces his way in with a Zekkai.


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