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Masamori Sumimura returns to the Sumimura Home, saying he was in the area. He and Souji Hiura exchange respectful greetings, then Masamori shares some daifuku he brought with him. Masamori notices Souji wearing his old clothes, and Shuji Sumimura explains that he gave them to Souji since Yoshimori and Toshimori wouldn't wear them. Masamori asks Yoshimori about his blank state training and Souji, making Yoshimori wonder how he always seems to know everything.

At Karasumori that night, Yoshimori tells Tokine of Masamori's return, though he is convinced Masamori is acting strangely. Yoshimori angrily confronts Masamori and demands to know why he's come back. Masamori claims he only wanted to visit the place where he grew up. Yoshimori asks if he's doing something reckless, and Masamori says he's being no more reckless than Yoshimori is. Masamori says he's leaving Karasumori to Yoshimori, and deciding to trust in his judgment.

Masamori is gone the following morning, and Yoshimori considers briefly that he was talking as if he were going to die soon.

At Night Troop Headquarters, Rokurou Ougi is given a basket of treats by the Night Troop trainees. He takes only one and gives the others back, inviting them to keep them. He considers that staying there might not be so bad. Rokurou is then approached by his younger brother Shichirou Ougi, who has come to take him home. Rokurou refuses and tells him to leave, but Shichirou warns him that it's best not to stay, since the Shadow Organization will be damaged soon. Shichirou says the war has already started, and takes Rokurou despite his protests.


Volume 25
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