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Okuni tells Masamori Sumimura that Ichirou Ougi has gone into hiding, but that she knows where he is. However, this makes him look especially guilty after destroying other Shinyuuchi, and Okuni intends to present the proof to the Shadow Organization so that she and Masamori will have approval to capture Ichirou. Since Okuni has few subordinates suited for combat, she asks Masamori and the Night Troop to handle Ichirou's capture. Okuni asks Masamori to reward Kei Sazanami for assisting in obtaining information on the Ougi Clan.

Miki Hatori is shocked to learn the Night Troop will be going up against the Ougi Clan. Masamori insists he cannot ignore Ichirou's actions any longer, because of the subordinates that were killed. Hatori agrees, but asks him to let them help him carry the burden.

Yoshimori continues his blank state training with Shimano, who wants him to increase the speed with which he can enter the state. Shimano explains that he is being forceful because Yoshimori has exceeded his expectations, and tells him to believe in his own power.

At dinner, Yoshimori finds that since Souji Hiura had little clothing, he has been given some of Masamori's old ones. Shuji Sumimura is also teaching Souji more difficult kanji, and Toshimori Sumimura seems friendly with him as well, to Yoshimori's surprise. Souji is fascinated by one of Yoshimori's mechanical pencils, having never seen one before. Yoshimori offers to let him keep it, and Souji seems stunned before thanking him. Yoshimori is puzzled by Souji's behavior, deciding that he seems like a little kid. Masamori then returns home unexpectedly.


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