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While training in the well, Yoshimori suddenly becomes aware of a nekomata that appears in his lap. He mistakes it for the illusion of a cat, until the nekomata delivers an electric shock with its tails. The nekomata introduces itself as Shimano, the guardian of the 'no thought' room, and says he has come to assist Yoshimori in completing the training as quickly as possible. They discuss what may happen if the lord of Karasumori awakens and ventures into the outside world. Shimano suggests that it would be safer for the lord to allow a person to use his power, and identifies Yoshimori as this person. The 'no thought' state is meant to protect Yoshimori from all influence, including that of Karasumori. Yoshimori asks for more details, but Shimano insists they return to the training. Shimano reveals he has been draining power from Yoshimori for the past few days, and proceeds to shock him in order to 'remind' him of how to access the 'no thought' state.

Yoshimori emerges from the well, uncoordinated but not as tired as the days before. He notices Souji Hiura staring at him, and orders him not to go near the well. Yoshimori asks about his wound, and Souji reports it's getting better, which pleases Yoshimori. After taking a bath, Souji's towel accidentally snags on the earring that he always wears. Shuji later notices that Souji is wearing the same clothes often, and Souji admits he only has two sets. Shuji offers him some of Masamori's old clothes.

Masamori meets with Okuni at her home. Okuni says Karasumori has entered a troublesome period and that she has set a trap for Ichirou Ougi. Because this will be an important step in reforming the Shadow Organization, she asks Masamori to lend her his strength.


Volume 25
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