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Ichigou climbs a tree, where he finds Number 536, a former comrade. Though Ichigo only wants to rest, Number 536 insists on discussing their past: Ichigou's selection at age 14, and how he himself was passed over because of the unnecessary things in his head. He considers a person whose mental development was suppressed in order to focus on their fighting skills to be a puppet.

Yoshimori continues to suffer through the illusions in the 'no thought' room, including the walls crushing him, and then being 'attacked' by pretty girls. While Yoshimori is training, a mysterious creature emerges from the chamber ceiling and appears to be watching him.

Yoshimori goes to his grandfather to complain about how odd the chamber is and admit he is having trouble accessing the 'no thought' state. Shigemori immediately recognizes the signs of having seen certain illusions. Yoshimori complains about the fatigue that seems to come at random while training. Shigemori confirms that the user's energy may be drained. He gives Yoshimori the 'no thought' box again, which has been mysteriously repaired, and tells him to practice with it again. Yoshimori mentions he felt he was being watched in the chamber, and Shigemori says he must continue the training no matter what. However, Shigemori is inwardly confused, as the weariness should only occur when someone nears the end of the training, and it appears to be progressing too quickly.

Yoshimori returns to his training, once again being watched by a creature, who is now more clearly shaped like a nekomata with a sealing collar on its neck.


Volume 25
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