Chapter 238
Kekkaishi 238 02
Chapter Details
Volume: 25
Japanese Title: 無想部屋
Translated Title: Musō Beya
English Title: 'No Thought' Room
Released (Japan): June 18, 2009

Characters (in order of appearance)


Yoshimori and his grandfather climb down their family's well on ropes. At the bottom, there is a short, narrow tunnel that ends at a small door with a small chamber on the other side. Yoshimori complains the entire time, until Shigemori explains that entering and maintaining the blank state in this room will be the second step of the training. The training is set to last for one day and 5 hours, though Yoshimori will only train for 2 hours on this first day. Shigemori only leaves Yoshimori an alarm clock and a flashlight.

Yoshimori begins to focus, but immediately notices the constant sound of water dripping and wind blowing in the chamber. The dripping sound steadily increases in volume and some water lands on Yoshimori's head. He suddenly sees a huge amount of water rushing at him. The instant he runs out of the chamber, however, the water vanishes. After returning to the chamber, Yoshimori notices many paper charms lining the corners, and realizes they are probably responsible for the illusions, which are meant to break his focus. He tries to enter the blank state again, but is immediately hit by the rushing water. Some time later, Yoshimori climbs out of the well, clearly exhausted, and collapses at Shigemori's feet. Shigemori notes that Yoshimori stayed for 4 hours instead of 2. While he can understand Yoshimori's impatience to improve because of the growing strangeness around Karasumori, Shigemori worries Yoshimori will lose everything he doesn't take care of his body, and carries Yoshimori inside.

Elsewhere, Kakeru is impatient to return to Karasumori. Michiru is busy giving a haircut to the boy she has selected as her next Kekkaishi, and says preparations aren't complete yet. Kakeru is insistent because Michiru's charm was removed from the site, and wants to prove that they are the best. Michiri is unconcerned, certain that their current plan still ensures their safety. Kakeru calls for Ichigou, a young man who soon joins them, and orders him to attack Karasumori over Michiru's protests. Kakeru says it will be fine as long as he doesn't damage the Shinyuuchi center, but Michiru insists they will stick to their original orders. Kakeru asks Ichigou's opinion, and Michiru tells him he doesn't have to obey Kakeru. Ichigou says that when their opinions clash, he was told to prioritize Michiru's orders. Michiru says that the boy will make a fine Kekkaishi and asks Kakeru to be patient. Kakeru is determined to make Karasumori's guardians suffer, but Michiru tells her not to do unnecessary things. Kakeru orders Ichigou not to move and slaps him, telling him he's just a puppet. Though visibly annoyed, Ichigou does not respond.


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