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Yoshimori is shocked that Souji Hiura apparently thinks of nothing while using his powers. At first Yoshimori thinks that Souji is purposely clearing his mind, but as it turns out, Souji genuinely thinks of nothing in combat, so his mind is already clear without him having to do anything. Yoshimori doesn't understand this, because while he tries not to focus on unnecessary things in combat, Souji does not even consider strategies, and technically his body shouldn't be moving if he isn't thinking at all. Souji admits he doesn't understand, but says he can see the ways in which he should move, and follows those feelings. Yoshimori asks him to explain it, and Souji can only liken the sensation to his mind floating away from his body, and time stopping. Yoshimori believes it is the same as when he communicates with Karasumori. Though Yoshimori thinks they have something in common now and tells Souji about his dream of getting strong enough to protect everyone, Souji says he never thought about getting stronger.

The next day, Sen Kagemiya calls Masamori Sumimura to inform him about the mental training Yoshimori is attempting, as well Yoshimori speaking to Karasumori. Sen notes that only Yoshimori was able to hear and sense it, but Tokine could not. Sen is disturbed by Karasumori toying with him, and the way Yoshimori's power is growing. Masamori assures him that he isn't the only one that doesn't understand it. Masamori suspects Yoshimori is the only one who can control Karasumori, which will free Masamori to handle other tasks.

Using Souji's advice, Yoshimori is able to destroy the "no thought" box, revealing a small orb inside. He takes it to his grandfather, who is surprised at how fast Yoshimori managed it. For the next step in the training, Shigemori leads Yoshimori to an old sealed well in the backyard. After Shigemori opens the well, he reveals that there is a training ground at the bottom of it.


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