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Hakubi detects the scent of an evil aura. Tokine alerts Makio that Shu Akitsu has fully transformed. Takemitsu and Makio have already knocked out and restrained Todoroki to prevent his transformation. Makio asks Tokine and Yoshimori to help him capture Shu. Tokine suggests that Yoshimori should stay in case something happens with Karasumori again. Yoshimori assures her it will behave now, but agrees to stay. Tokine instead asks Souji Hiura to help her, and Yoshimori reminds him of their promise, explaining that Shu is a friend, so Souji shouldn't harm him. Sen is upset that so much trust is being placed in Souji, and though Yoshimori says it will be fine, Sen says he will blame Yoshimori if Shu is hurt.

Makio, Souji, and Tokine position themselves on a Kekkai high above the school. Makio says the biggest concern when Shu is transformed is his personality shift: as a vampire, he becomes violent and will most likely attack people, especially young girls. Shu suddenly attacks, but Souji blocks him. Souji says he can match Shu's speed if he can attack from close by. Tokine positions several more Kekkai nearby for Souji to stand on. Makio plans to defend Tokine so that she can focus on Souji. He warns her to stop him if he goes too far in stopping Shu. Tokine agrees, but mentions that Yoshimori trusts that will not happen. Shu uses the clouds to conceal himself and attack from behind, but Souji grabs him and forces him away. Shu is quickly restrained, and Tokine thanks Souji for saving her. Makio notes that Souji kept his word and barely hurt Shu at all. Shu suddenly wakes up and bites Souji, but Souji does not defend himself in order to keep his promise to Yoshimori. Makio restrains Shu again, and is shocked that Souji didn't react even though he could have.


Volume 24
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