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Yoshimori shouts for Fumiya Somegi and Ito Orihara to stop removing the mark at once. Fumiya is confused, since they are almost done, but suddenly the ground begins to shake. Yoshimori explains that Karasumori is weakened, due to both the fault line that appeared after Mount Okubi fell, and the intruders that left their mark, combined with the land's instability, even removing the mark would be bad. Yoshimori says this isn't the first time he's heard that scream in his head, and Fumiya is confused since Yoshimori talks about that land as if it were alive. Fumiya then realizes that the mark is not a target sign, but a collar that forces the target to obey. Removing it would cause all of the force applied to the land to be released at once. Yoshimori apologizes to the land for not noticing earlier. As Fumiya instructs Ito to put the mark back, Karasumori's power begins to leak out of the ground and push against the mark. Yoshimori recognizes it at once, and begs the land not to resist. Yoshimori hears a voice shouting "No more!" in his head as the earthquake gets worse. The voice says it is tired of being there and wants to leave. It senses something interesting in the northeast, and wants to see the world outside.

Both Sen Kagemiya and Todoroki begin to transform due to Karasumori's influence.

Yoshimori promises the voice he will provide it with a more interesting place, if it will wait a little longer. The voice agrees. The resistance against the collar vanishes, just as Tokine is attacked by a winged figure. Souji Hiura protects her. Sen explains that as an Ayakashi Majiri, he is able to hold back most of his evil aura, but Shu Akitsu will fully transform if exposed to Karasumori's power.


Volume 24
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