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Fumiya Somegi, head of the Night Troop's Sorcery Unit, introduces himself to Yoshimori, Tokine, and Souji Hiura. Sen Kagemiya explains that Fumiya made the tattoos for Gen Shishio and Miki Hatori. Fumiya says he is a charm designer, while the girl with him, Ito Orihara, is a charm neutralizer. Ito is very shy, instantly hiding behind Fumiya and communicating by whispering into his ear.

Fumiya explains that the location he has marked off in the schoolyard gives off a strong magical response, and he suspects something happened there, though it is most likely invisible to the naked eye. As Fumiya begins to apply paint to the area, Sen asks Yoshimori if it is okay for Souji to be there, because he may be involved with the intruders who left the mark. Yoshimori defends Souji by saying he most likely doesn't know how to lie, and already told Yoshimori that he didn't know the people responsible. Nearby, Todoroki wonders the same thing. Makio sends a message to Sen's phone telling him to watch Souji closely.

Fumiya creates a floating copy of the mark that was applied to the ground. After conferring with Ito, he says that it is a common charm technique: a way of marking a caster's territory, so that it will respond better to that person's power, and be difficult for others to use their power on. Tokine asks Souji if he has seen the mark before, and Souji says he has. Ito returns the floating copy to the ground, and begins to remove the mark. However, Yoshimori immediately senses danger to the point where he falls to his knees.


Volume 24
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