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Shigemori Sumimura takes Yoshimori to the family vault. He gives Yoshimori a small, wooden box, and tells him to try to break it with a Kekkai. Yoshimori tries immediately, but the box is totally undamaged. Shigemori explains it is a "no thought" box, a training tool created by Tokimori Hazama, and that breaking the box will be the first step of Yoshimori's training. Yoshimori finds that multiple Kekkai at once have no impact on the box. Dropping the iron training boulder on it has the same result.

Frustrated, Yoshimori goes back to his grandfather and asks for the solution. Shigemori insists that the training is to develop Yoshimori's mind. Yoshimori guesses that if he clears his mind, he will be able to break the box, but he grows impatient and demands that Shigemori teach him high level techniques. Shigemori tells him to focus on controlling his power, or else he'll be a fool with too much power and no grasp on the basics. He says that Yoshimori uses too much emotion with his power, and that such excessive emotion may dangerously impact the gods. The point is for Yoshimori to clear his heart so that it cannot be influenced. Shigemori admits he didn't want Yoshimori to attempt this training until he was 18, and that they are rushing it.

Yoshimori attempts to break the box, but has trouble trying to completely clear his mind. Shigemori wonders if Yoshimori will be able to succeed. He regrets not being able to teach Masamori before he left home. He recognizes that Yoshimori has matured without realizing it.

On the way to Karasumori that night, Madarao and Tokine both notice that Yoshimori seems tired. Yoshimori tells them not to worry. Sen Kagemiya meets them and introduces them to two members of the Night Troop's Sorcery Unit, who are standing near a circular mark on the school grounds.


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