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On the way to school, Yoshimori asks for Tokine's opinion of Souji Hiura. Tokine notes that he does his job and nothing else, and seems lonely. She admits there are times when he seems dangerous, but she doesn't think he's evil. Yoshimori admits that Souji may be connected to the Shinyuuchi hunters, and Tokine immediately demands to know why he didn't say so before. Yoshimori says he now feels the same way Tokine does: he doesn't think Souji is evil.

On the school's roof, Yoshimori finds that Sen Kagemiya has firmly decided that Souji is evil. He claims that Souji doesn't have emtions, but Yoshimori insists that isn't true. Sen is frustrated that Yoshimori could trust someone who nearly killed him. Yoshimori says Souji was only following orders. Sen suspects that Yoshimori is only so forgiving because he is comparing Souji with Gen Shishio. Sen tries to point out all the ways they are different, but ends up pointing out all their similarities instead. Sen finally admits that he envied Gen's power, strength, and strong will.

That night at Karasumori, Yoshimori asks Souji to treat the idea of promising to never harm the site or people nearby as a promise, not an order. He explains that if Souji will promise, it will make him more trustworthy and Yoshimori will be less suspicious of him. Souji eventually agrees, and Yoshimori says so long as he keeps his word, they will be friends. He gives Souji a chocolate cake to celebrate, and Souji admits he has never tasted anything sweet before. Yoshimori says he made the cake himself, which confuses Souji, since he assumes it was made with Kekkaijutsu. Shu Akitsu, who is eavesdropping nearby, reports to Sen that Yoshimori and Souji have seemingly become friends, which upsets Sen. Sen tries to confront Yoshimori about this, but Yoshimori changes the subject to the two intruders. He and Tokine both feel they should take action, rather than wait around.

Yoshimori goes to his grandfather and admits he isn't satisfied with his current abilities, as he doesn't think they'll be enough to fight the Shinyuuchi hunters. He begs Shigemori to teach him more powerful techniques, leaving Shigemori to wonder if this is the right time to do so.


Volume 24
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