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From what he overheard, Sen Kagemiya concludes that Souji Hiura is a Shinyuuchi hunter and reports this to Makio. Makio says they don't have enough evidence, and that only an attack on Karasumori was mentioned. Makio says Masamori Sumimura is working on this as well, but can't be bothered with unnecessary details.

The topic of the intruders in Karasumori is discussed by the Shadow Organization's Group of Twelve. Masamori says there is no problem, since they were driven off quickly. Executive 1 is confident there will be no future problems because of the support that was sent. After the meeting, Masamori follows Ichirou Ougi outside to tell him that his younger brother Rokurou Ougi will not be used as a hostage, and that he can be picked up once he recovers. However, Ichirou ignores this and keeps walking. Masamori grabs Ichirou, who immediately flies away in a huge tornado.

At Night Troop Headquarters, Masamori tries to explain Rokurou's recovery process to him. Rokurou says he is becoming more like a monster, and Masamori apologizes for it. Rokurou correctly guesses that his brothers want nothing more to do with him. Masamori eventually admits that Rokurou was right: they are no longer human. He invites Rokurou to join the Night Troop once he heals. Rokurou says his youngest brother was named future clan head at only 7 years old, without any clear reason. For this reason, Rokurou feels he and Masamori are the same. Rokurou thinks Yoshimori's immaturity will bring about great sadness. He thinks it pathetic that even though a position that should be Masamori's has been taken away, Masamori is still secretly helping the one who took it. Rokurou suggests that Masamori cut his ties with Yoshimori.

Masamori calls Yoshimori to ask about Souji. Yoshimori says he doesn't understand everything yet, complains that Masamori is ruining his evening nap, and hangs up.


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