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Yoshimori leads Souji Hiura to a hill behind the local temple, figuring they won't be disturbed if they end up fighting. Yoshimori asks Souji if he is connected to the Shinyuuchi hunting. Souji replies he was told not to discuss it. He also says he knows nothing about the recent intruders in Karasumori, or their motives. Souji finally says he was told not to think of unnecessary things, since they only get in the way, and to only think of the mission. Yoshimori insists that understanding the enemy is important to protect Karasumori, but Souji says that is beyond his abilities. Yoshimori finally asks about the person who told Souji not to speak, but of course, Souji cannot talk about that, either. Yoshimori asks if Souji must do everything this person orders, including Shinyuuchi hunting and killing, and Souji says yes. Yoshimori is frustrated, feeling Souji should at least know better than to admit that. Souji only understand that following orders is good, and ignoring them is bad. Yoshimori becomes more upset that Souji was taught this way, feeling it makes him a puppet. Souji assumes this means he is not human, so Yoshimori quickly tries to correct his mistake.

Yoshimori returns home exhausted, as he spent all his energy on explanations and managed to learn nothing. He notes that Souji seemed sad at the possibility that he wasn't human, even though it should have been one of the unnecessary things he shouldn't dwell on. Yoshimori realizes his words had a powerful impact on Souji.

In a castle, the two women who invaded Karasumori use a spell to gauge the potential of young boys to become Kekkaishi. They stop after finding a boy with high potential, deciding to train him. Michiru is concerned about their rushing and possibly underestimating Karasumori's power, but Kakeru is confident in their success.

While Souji is sleeping, his earring chirps, waking him up instantly. He leaves the Sumimura Home and leaps over the rooftops, finally reaching a small, winged demon with a similar object on its tail. Souji reports there are no problems, but that the Kekkaishi don't exactly trust him yet. The demon says it will be some time before the attack on Karasumori, and that Soui should focus on his mission. The demon says it will contact him again, neither aware that Sen Kagemiya has followed and is listening to every word.


Volume 24
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