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The Night Troop members working out of Night Troop Karasumori Branch meet to discuss recent events. Kyoichi Hiba states that the man caputerd by Souji Hiura was a researcher for the Shadow Organization, and was hired by two female ability users, who Hiba believes are connected with Shinyuuchi hunting. Makio is concerned that this means the Shinyuuchi hunters are familiar with how the organization operates, and it is therefore easy for them to conceal their activities.

Sen gives a report on his observation of Souji. He explains how Souji's powers seems to shift into various forms, from a katana, to a defensive barrier, to an agility boost. Sen suspects Souji is a jiugenka user, but Makio disagrees because Souji's power does not have a fixed form. Makio suspects that Souji has been trained from childhood to fight and thinks of him as a puppet. Makio decides to continue watching Souji for the time being, since he is their only link to the Shinyuuchi hunters. Also, since Souji was sent by someone in Shadow Organization Headquarters, Makio believes someone high up in the organization may be using Souji, and may even be involved in the Shinyuuchi huntings. Sen remains extremely concerned about Souji being a danger to them, and volunteers to keep watching him in order to uncover his motives.

In a flashback, Souji shares his concern over possibly being dead (due to Yoshimori's comment about him having dead eyes) with Suigetsu, a female Log-keeper . Suigetsu takes his hand to show that their warm bodies and ability to feel each other's warmth prove they are alive. Souji is confused because Suigetsu was dead before. She replies that he will always be close to death.

Shigemori Sumimura tells Yoshimori that Souji has done nothing suspicious around the house. In fact he sleeps most of the time, but learns things very quickly. Yoshimori isn't convinced, but Shigemori points out that they might be able to learn the motives of whoever sent Souji to Karasumori. Shigemori says he will leave that matter to Masamori.

Yoshimori barges in on Souji, only to find him peacefully asleep. Yoshimori decides to test him by preparing to form a Kekkai. Souji instantly leaps out of bed, landing in a battle stance. Yoshimori tells Souji to follow him so they can talk.


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