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The mysterious mark seeps into the schoolyard grounds. Yoshimori thinks he heard a scream in his head. Believing Souji Hiura to be responsible, he orders Souji not to get near Tokine. However, Souji merely thanks Tokine for her help and compliments her skill. Sen Kagemiya finds the two people he saw in the schoolyard are gone, and there is no trace of their having been there at all. Souji reports his successful defeat of the white Ayakashi to Yoshimori. Yoshimori acknowledges his power, but still refuses to trust him. Yoshimori makes Souji promise to to inform him before defeating an enemy, in order to prevent Souji from attacking innocent people.

Tokine, however, compliments Souji on a job well done. While Souji examines the fallen Ayakashi, Tokine tells Yoshimori that Souji has exceptional battle instincts and is most likely heavily trained.

Souji finds an object attached to the Ayakashi and instantly leaves the site before anyone can stop him. Makio sends Shu Akitsu to follow Souji. Tokine identifies the object attached to the Ayakashi as a controlling charm, and guesses that Souji is pursuing the person responsible. Madarao also informs them that there were three intruders, but they got away.

Abandoned by his two comrades, the man who controlled the Black & White Ayakashi attempts to escape on foot. Sen spots him and debates whether to follow him, or stop him. Just as he decides to stop the man, Souji flies past him and attacks the man. Recalling his promise to Yoshimori, Souji knocks the man out. He then notices Sen, who quickly identifies himself as an ally for fear of being attacked. Souji simply grabs the man and leaps away.

Makio suggests to the others that the two Ayakashi were decoys while the intruders accomplished something else. Though they are still wary of Souji, Yoshimori admits Souji did nothing to harm Karasumori. Souji returns with the captured man, and asks if they should interrogate him, or kill him to set an example.


Volume 24
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