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Sen Kagemiya and Shu Akitsu watch from the rooftop as Yoshimori and Souji Hiura prepare to fight the Black & White Ayakashi. Shu is glad, but Sen still has his doubts. Tokine is dealing with the exploding spheres as best she can.

Yoshimori forms an enormous Kekkai around the head of the black Ayakashi, which continues to release spheres that explode on impact. Yoshimori tries to suppress the explosion by force. Souji suddenly approaches Tokine and asks for her help in defeating the white Ayakashi.

Yoshimori's Kekkai manages to contain the explosion, and he quickly destroys the black Ayakashi's head, causing its body to collapse. However, he is shocked to see Tokine assisting Souji by creating Kekkai in mid-air as stepping stones, making it easier for him to reach the white Ayakashi. Tokine notes that though they've never worked together before, Souji is able to easily match her timing. She blocks the Ayakashi's mouth with two spear Kekkai, which eliminates the threat of more spheres emerging. Souji creates a giant-sized blade around his arm, slicing the white Ayakashi in half. Makio only becomes more suspicious of Souji's motives after witnessing such power.

Sen suddenly notices two people standing in the schoolyard, shrouded by the smoke. The two mysterious women create a floating mark, intending to place it on Karasumori.

Souji begins hacking away at the white Ayakashi, getting covered in its blood in the process. Horrified, Tokine cries for him to stop. Though he does, Souji approaches her with a cold look in his eyes and a blade still around his arm. As Yoshimori tries to intervene, the two women begin applying the mark to Karasumori, causing a painful backlash in Yoshimori's head that sends him to his knees.


Volume 24
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