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Souji Hiura says that anything that brings danger to Karasumori must be eliminated. Yoshimori responds that Souji is the one who has brought danger. Tokine interrupts them, stating that this isn't the time for arguing. She tells Yoshimori to observe how Souji deals with Ayakashi, and points out that Yoshimori had reservations about Gen Shishio as well, at first.

Souji displays great agility as he scales the building and leaps at the white Ayakashi with a blade aura around his arm. The white Ayakashi opens its mouth, firing spheres that explode on impact with him. Concerned, Tokine catches him with a Kekkai, but Souji says he isn't hurt.

Makio suspects that Souji is an Ayakashi Majiri, but Todoroki says he has no evil aura. Makio insists that nothing else explains Souji's agility and ability to resist damage. By now, both Ayakashi have begun releasing spheres, which are starting to land and explode on the ground. Souji narrowly saves Yoshimori from an explosion.

The two mysterious women land outside of the school to begin searching for a specific area within Karasumori. Their comrade begins controlling the Ayakashi with a whistle.

Yoshimori is annoyed that Souji saved him, not liking the idea of owing him anything. Souji says that the Kekkaishi are his masters, and that he will protect them and Karasumori. Yoshimori tells Souji to stop saying he'll protect Karasumori with his life, since it reminds him of Gen's death. To prove to Souji that he doesn't need to be protected, Yoshimori says he'll destroy the black Ayakashi, and challenges Souji to handle the white one.


Volume 23
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