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Yoshimori rushes home from school, convinced that his father is in danger because Souji Hiura is the "god of calamity" from the prophecy. However, Yoshimori only finds Souji helping Shuji clean the hallways.

Shuji uses the bamboo shoots Souji gave him to make dinner. Upon learning this, Yoshimori becomes alarmed, thinking the food may be poisoned. He challenges Souji to taste it. Souji does without protest, and says the food is delicious, but with no expression on his face, which bothers Yoshimori.

At Karasumori that night, Souji asks Tokine for instructions on what he should do to help. Tokine suggests that he accompany her so she can teach him, and that he try to be more casual, but Souji remains stiff and slow to react to her words. Yoshimori remains wary of Souji, but Tokine believes he has no bad intentions.

Takemitsu, Makio, and Todoroki observe Souji from afar. Sen Kagemiya has informed them of Souji being a Shinyuuchi hunter, but they cannot act on it since he had no evidence. Makio decides to keep watching for the time being.

Two mysterious women on a flying carpet observe Karasumori from the sky on a flying carpet. They discuss how Karasumori is a first class small shrine with an S-ranking to denote its unique characteristics, a rank that no other small shrine has. A man accompanying them drops a pair of giant Ayakashi onto Karasumori. Souji protects Tokine from the explosion and asks for permission to fight the Ayakashi. Before he can begin, Yoshimori stops him.


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