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Tokine tries to greet Souji Hiura, but Yoshimori is suspicious of him and won't let her anywhere near him. Makio asks which office Souji works for within the Shadow Organization, but Souji claims not to know and cannot even say who he reports to. Makio secretly asks Sen Kagemiya to observe Souji.

As Tokine and Yoshimori return home, Souji follows them. Yoshimori demands an explanation, so Souji presents a letter that requests he be allowed to stay at the Yukimura Home. Yoshimori instantly orders Souji to come home with him instead. Once alone, Yoshimori asks Souji if his intentions are that same as they were in Hidagou. Souji states his orders were only to protect Karasumori and assist the Kekkaishi. Yoshimori furiously accuses of Souji of trying to kill him in Hidagou and being one of the Shinyuuchi hunters. Souji asks what Yoshimori's next order is, and without thinking, Yoshimori tells him to just die. Souji instantly forms a blade around his hand and raises it as if he intends to slice his throat, but cannot because it would interfere with the mission. Neither of them is aware of Sen listening nearby, who is shocked to learn of Souji being a Shinyuuchi hunter.

The next morning, Yoshimori rudely wakes up Souji by barging into his room. To prevent Souji from leaving the room, Yoshimori kept a Kekkai around his bed the entire night. Souji is notably sleepy and uncoordinated at breakfast. When Shuji Sumimura asks about school, Souji says he doesn't go. Before leaving for school, Yoshimori tells his father to be wary of Souji.

At school, Yoshimori wonders if Souji's sudden appearance after the prophecy and the fissure at Karasumori is a coincidence. After recalling the way in which Souji arrived, Yoshimori comes up with the alarming possibility that Souji may be the "god of calamity" described in the prophecy. Meanwhile at the Sumimura Home, Souji has thoroughly impressed Shuji with a gift of bamboo shoots and is calmly staring out of the window.


Volume 23
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