Characters (in order of appearance)


While asleep in class, Yoshimori hears a mysterious voice and mistakes it for his teacher. Sen Kagemiya later wakes up Yoshimori on the roof to tell him that the Night Troop will be sending a support team. Sen warns Yoshimori to be more cautious.

In a flashback phone conversation with Kei Sazanami, Sen learns there is basically no chance of Karasumori avoiding Saki's prophecy. Kei says that the collapse of the Shadow Organization seems very real.

That night, Todoroki, Makio, and Takemitsu arrive and reintroduce themselves to Yoshimori and Tokine. Makio says that their orders are not to defend Karasumori this time, as they were sent by the Shadow Organization Headquarters. Makio reassures the Kekkaishi that the team will provide full support without interfering. Sen adds that Makio is a more than qualified team leader. The Kekkaishi welcome the support team warmly.

Suddenly, Yoshimori and Tokine sense an Ayakashi, and rush off to deal with it. A huge monster appears overhead, but is instantly torn to bits. A cloaked figure lands among the raining debris. The stranger introduces himself as Souji Hiura, sent by the Shadow Organization to assist the Kekkaishi in protecting Karasumori. The support team checks Souji's credentials. However, after seeing his eyes, Yoshimori recognizes him as the masked Shinyuuchi hunter who attacked him in Hidagou. To his growing shock, Souji bows to he and Tokine, pledging to defend Karasumori with his life.


Volume 23
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