Chapter 220
Chapter Details
Volume: 23
Japanese Title: 邪念
Translated Title: Janen
English Title: Distraction
Released (Japan): January 16, 2009
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)



Despite Madarao's urging, Yoshimori is unable to focus on his Kekkaishi duties because he keeps picturing Tokine naked. This allows Tokiko Yukimura and Hakubi to capture Tsubogokkai first. Tokiko comments on Yoshimori being distracted, suggesting that it may be due to wicked thoughts, which Yoshimori quickly denies.

Tokiko later commends Tokine on her devotion to training the past few days and lifts the restriction, allowing Tokine to resume her duties at Karasumori.

Yoshimori and Tokine leave for school at the same time. Yoshimori instantly pictures Tokine naked and runs away in shame, leaving her confused. Yoshimori is clearly troubled at school, so Sen Kagemiya tries to get him to open up. Sen is entirely unimpressed with the issue and calls Yoshimori a perverted stalker. Yoshimori insists it was an accident, and Sen doesn't help by asking what he thought of Tokine's figure.

Tokine is depressed because Yoshimori is avoiding her. She admits to Madoka that because Yoshimori is younger than her, she didn't take his feelings seriously. Madoka urges Tokine not to give up, and suggests giving Yoshimori a homemade gift.

Unaware that Tokine's restriction has been lifted, Yoshimori is shocked when they run into each other at Karasumori that night. He immediately runs away again, causing Tokine to get so frustrated that she knocks him down with a Kekkai to the face. They both desperately apologize, causing more confusion. Yoshimori says he doesn't deserve to be relied on. Tokine disagrees, finally admitting that seeing him on Guillotine Island reassured her, and thanks him for his help. She gives him a box of cream puffs, admitting they're storebought because she messed up on the one she tried to bake herself. Recalling both the advice of both Madoka and Kiyoderu Yuugami, Tokine asks if Yoshimori can teach her how to bake. Shocked, Yoshimori agrees. Shu Akitsu notes the two have made up, while Sen considers them two fools that belong together.


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