Chapter 219
Chapter Details
Volume: 23
Japanese Title: 包容力
Translated Title: Hōyōryoku
English Title: Big-Hearted
Released (Japan): January 16, 2009
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


On the way to school, Tokine sees Yoshimori walking ahead of her, and considers asking him what happened with Karasumori while she was gone, but he seems distracted.

Sen Kagemiya joins Yoshimori on the school roof. Still confused by Kiyoderu Yuugami's advice, Yoshimori poses it to Sen, who is equally confused. Yoshimori explains he wants Tokine to rely on him more. Sen suggests that Yoshimori is the opposite of what he's trying to be: instead of projecting a sense of security, he always makes people worry about him. This depresses Yoshimori. Sen mentions he has been invited to dinner with the Yukimuras, so he will try to find out how dependable Tokine considers Yoshimori.

Tokine comes to the conclusion that Yoshimori was upset because she didn't thank him for saving her. Tokine asks Madoka for her opinion, and Madoka replies that Tokine always seems self-reliant, which makes Tokine feel like a hypocrite. Madoka urges Tokine to rely on Yoshimori more.

At the Yukimura Home, Sen piles all the food he doesn't like in Shu Akitsu's bowl, annoying Tokine and Tokiko.

That night at Karasumori, Sen admits he got so caught up in arguing with Tokine that he forgot to ask about Yoshimori. He counters by saying it's okay so long as Yoshimori isn't picky about his food, which only further confuses Yoshimori.

Tokine remains on restriction because of her recent actions, so Tokiko takes her place at Karasumori that night. Tokine decides to apologize to Yoshimori once she is allowed out again.

Three days pass without Yoshimori seeing Tokine again (it's a school holiday), so he decides to sneak over the wall separating their houses. He manages to catch the attention of Tokiko instead, and is forced to flee. While running away, he catches a glimpse of Tokine bathing through the bathroom window.


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