Chapter 217
Chapter Details
Volume: 23
Japanese Title: 変革
Translated Title: Henkaku
English Title: Reform
Released (Japan): January 16, 2009
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


Yashiro is shocked that Yoshimori can defend against her attack. Yoshimori admits he still can't see it, but the closer he is to her, the more he can sense it. Yashiro takes out her dagger, but Yoshimori grabs it, still protected by his Zekkai. Yashiro orders Saikaku Enjouji to defend her, but he refuses. Kiyoderu Yuugami asks Yashiro if her goal was to have Tokine brainwashed so she would commit the Shinyuuchi huntings. Hearing this, Yoshimori demands to know if Yashiro is connected to the Shinyuuchi huntings, and threatens to smash her like he did her bird if she tries anything. Apparently afraid, Yashiro backs away, falling off her floating platform to her death.

Still trapped on Yoshimori's Kekkai, Sen Kagemiya continues to observe Yoshimori's group as Miki Hatoridestroysthe still approaching Ayakashi. One manages to slice through the middle of the Kekkai. Hatori tries to use her Black Wing to fly, but learns it can only be used to attack. They manage to land in the forest, with Hatori on top of Sen, who takes most of the impact (as an Ayakashi Majiri, his chances of surviving the fall are much higher).

Saikaku examines Yashiro and pronounces her dead. Yoshimori is startled, but Kiyoderu suggests that Yashiro's reaction was programmed into her to avoid revealing info. He further suspects that whoever was controlling Yashiro also gave the order to have Tokine brainwashed. Yoshimori mentions his meeting a suspected Shinyuuchi hunter in Hidagou that same morning. Kiyoderu is concerned that Yashiro's ability should not have been so strong. Saikaku mentions that Yashiro talked about destroying the past so the Shadow Organization could undergo a revolution. Unnoticed by everyone, a small, black snake emerges from Yashiro's ear and heads into the forest, where it is picked up by the same masked Shinyuuchi hunter that Yoshimori encountered earlier. Hatori then arrives, carrying Sen on her back.


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