Chapter 216
Chapter Details
Volume: 23
Japanese Title: 夜城
Translated Title: Yashiro
English Title: Yashiro
Released (Japan): January 16, 2009
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


Kiyoderu Yuugami immediately tells Yoshimori to take Tokine and run, as Yashiro is an extremely dangerous opponent. Yashiro is about to attack when Saigo Enjouji returns, ordering Yashiro to back away from her prey. Yashiro refuses, and Saikaku shouts out a warning as Saigo charges, but she instantly collapses. Kiyoderu is shocked that Yashiro's power is effective at such a considerable distance, and Saikaku is able to see Yashiro's black crane standing over his sister. Kiyoderu changes his mind, telling Yoshimori they will have to fight. He warns that Yashiro has incredible psychic abilities, and that only those like her will be able to clearly see her attacks. He collapses immediately after.

From where he is still trapped on Yoshimori's Kekkai, Sen Kagemiya is able to see Yashiro's crane attack Saigo, and senses no further mental response from Saigo. He is confused that Yashiro would attack a comrade, and is shaken by the brutal nature of the attack. He worries that Yoshimori and the others will not be able see such an attack coming.

Tokine tries to revive Kiyoderu, unaware that Yashiro's crane has pinned him to the ground. Yashiro blames the entire incident on Tokine trying to escape, and orders her to submit to brainwashing, or be responsible for the deaths of everyone present. Tokine is prepared to sacrifice herself, but Kiyoderu advises her to attack with Yoshimori instead. Yashiro's crane attacks Yoshimori from behind, but he defends with his Zekkai armor, hariming the crane in the process. Yashiro is shocked as her crane falls, and though Yoshimori was unable to see the attack, he senses that Yashiro did something. Yoshimori confronts Yashiro directly, and Yashiro reforms the crane, though Yoshimori pushes it back again, this time with a larger and more complete Zekkai resembling a fireball.


Volume 23
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