Chapter 215
Chap 215
Chapter Details
Volume: 22
Japanese Title: 抵抗
Translated Title: Teikō
English Title: Resistance
Released (Japan): October 17, 2008
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


Saigo Enjouji throws her kusarigama at Tokine, who knocks it away with a Kekkai. To Tokine's shock, Saigo's arm stretches like rubber to recapture the weapon and quickly throw it a second time. Tokine dodges by leaping to a mid-air Kekkai, so Saigo begins spinning her weapon in wide circles, eventually knocking Tokine to the ground. Instead of attacking, Saigo picks up Kiyoderu Yuugami by the head. Kiyoderu wakes up and offers to exchange something for Tokine's life. Saigo refuses and plans to kill him, but Kiyoderu's tie stabs her in the throat. He tells Tokine to run, but she makes a Kekkai to separate him from Saigo, intending to protect him while he escapes. Kiydoeru insists that Tokine cannot win because Saigo basically cannot be hurt. Tokine again tells him to leave, since she doesn't have the strength to protect him, but she'll be fine alone. Kiyderu says his sister told him the same thing before she took her life. He says he would rather not have anyone else die because of this senseless plot, and is prepared for his fate. Saigo attacks again, and Tokine focuses all her power into a three-layer Kekkai, but Saigo's weapon begins to cut through. Without warning, a huge Kekkai slams into Saigo, sending her flying. Yoshimori lands in front of Tokine, mentioning that he warned Saigo he would never forgive her if she did anything to Tokine.

Sen Kagemiya tells Miki Hatori that it is dangerous for Yoshimori to be by himself. Hatori explains that Yoshimori was almost out of patience, so it's better for him to do what he wants. Sen worries what will happen to them, since they are still stuck on Yoshimori's Kekkai.

Tokine insists that they leave before Saigo returns. She tries to drag Kiyoderu onto her back, but Yoshimori insists that she let him do it, not liking the idea of a strange man touching Tokine. Kiyoderu asks if Yoshimori is Tokine's neighbor, and Yoshimori confirms that he is, which makes Kiyoderu smile. They being to escape, but Yashiro and Saikaku Enjouji suddenly appear in front of them.


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